Signs You May Be A Chocoholic…

Signs you may be a chocoholic…

Last Valentine’s my husband brought me a vodka drink in the middle of my work day. Best Valentine’s Ever. This year he decided to decorate.

Would this have anything to do with the fact that the other day I got out of bed and there was a Snickers-mini wrapper stuck to my back?

Could it be because I spent most of last weekend mixing Reeses Pieces with M&M’s until I recreated the perfect ratio to recreate a Reeses Cup?

Could it be because everytime he vacuums under the sofa cushions he finds wrappers I’ve hidden?

Could it be because he’s caught me drinking directly out of the Hershey’s syrup bottle?

Could it be because the answer to How many chocolate iced donuts will you eat? always ends up being As many as you bring home?


I think he’s just weird.






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