Shaky Cheese Arrives

Shaky Cheese Arrives

So my brother-in-law Gary and his family are in Florida for the week and we are dog sitting Brock the Braque du Bourbonnais.

What is a Braque du Bourbonnais you ask?

Usually (I am told) it is a regal bird hunting pointer who is good with kids. There are only like three breeders in the US.

In our particular case, it is a 40 lb jack rabbit that constantly shakes with excitement, is psychotic for birds, and who – when smiling – often looks just like the Jack Russell in The Mask — WITH the mask on.

We make a lot of fun of this little freak. In addition to all those endearing traits he also:

  • Rubs his face on your face every chances he gets
  • Has some sort of incurable nose rot
  • Sheds
  • Expels the most horrific gas you’ve ever smelled
  • Constantly tries to get under the covers when you sleep
  • Poops in the house
  • Has terrible breath
  • Skitters and shakes so much you can’t focus on him

He’s white and red… he’s literally the red-headed stepchild. He’s Brock the Braque – but we call him Shaky Cheese.

Anyway, now that we’ve got the little nut job here for the week it reminded me of the fake magazine cover I made  to tease Gary about his new dog.  I created this cover in Photoshop, printed it on some glossy paper and then glued it to a real dog magazine and put it in the magazine rack in the bathroom where I was sure Gary would stumble upon it during his morning constitutional. Instead, his daughter was in the bathroom while the family was visiting and saw the magazine first.

Little Camden brought the magazine out to where Gary was helping us setup some outdoor lighting and said: Hey Dad – there is a dog that looks just like Brock on this magazine!

Gary glanced up at it and said Yeah it does.. and then went back to wiring. But then he looked up again, his brow furrowed with confusion.

That really looks like Brock, he said taking the magazine from Camden. Then he started to read the quotes on the cover.


Wish us luck this week… we already took him for an hour walk in the woods this morning where he stripped around the brush off the leash at 200mph and he is still bouncing off the walls…






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