Redneck Milk Punch

Redneck Milk Punch

I’ve invented this thing I’m calling Redneck Milk Punch.

I call it that because I use some pretty common ingredients of which the fancier Southern ladies would not approve, and because every time I use the word redneck someone has a hissy fit in my comments,which is fun for me, because I’m relatedto rednecks who get insulted if they aren’t theNECKIEST person in their neighborhood.

Anyway… if the idea of milk and booze together makes you green, you might want to turn back now.

The first time I ever had milk punchit was a pretty fancy affair; there were polo ponies and people in crushed felt jackets and women doing their best Blanche DuBois imitations. Milk Punchis a southern tradition; milk and bourbon, with a little sugar thrown in to cut the bite.  The drink was served to me in silver mugs. Very hoity-toity.

Then, yesterday, I had this idea. I mixed fat free milk with spiced rum (Sailor Jerry, to be exact) and then added about a tablespoon of Gingerbread coffee creamer I’d bought to celebrate fall. I sprinkled a little cinnamon on top.

WOW. GOOD! Boozy, creamy low-cal-ish and flavorful.

Redneck Milk Punch is a milkshake with attitude.

I’m sure the proper Southern Ladies would rather die than put coffee creamer in their milk punch, but it is damn tasty. I’ve also tried it with bourbon, with pumpkin-flavored coffee creamer and with eggnog creamer – all fantastic.

If Coffee-mate would like to get hold of me, to reward me for my ingenuity with their product, I’m available.

In the meantime, go get some coffee creamer in the fall flavor of your choice, mix it with a bunch of fat free milk and rum, whiskey, or bourbon!






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