Quick Overview Of 2010 PGA Masters Golf Fashions

Quick Overview Of 2010 PGA Masters Golf Fashions

Ryo’s mini-me headcover

I thought it would be funny to type the headline top golf fashions and then just leave the page blank. We are talking GOLF after all. Golf Fashion is one of the oldest known oxymorons, alongside Airline Food and Military Intelligence.

That being said, there is a whole new pack of young golfers quickly rising through the ranks who actually do have a bit of flair. Sexy Adam Scott, whom a friend of ours has a full blown man crush on (you know who you are), Camilo Villegas (miniature Latin Lothario) and Ryo Ishikawa with his trendy plaids and hilarious look-alike head cover are all making golf look a tad less dorky – often by looking SO dorky it actually becomes cool.

Ian Poulter

Of course on a totally different level you’ve got Ian Poulter.Granted, his wide eyes make him look like he is constantly being goosed by unseen hands, but this kid is fearless when it comes to clothes.  His plaid pants in Easter pink and purple put the Georgia azaleas to shame this year. His penchant for pink definitely makes him stand out against the throngs of khakis and primary color polos. At the 2004 British Open he wore Union Jack trousers and then turned around to sport stars-and-stripes pants at the PGA Championship. The Englishman even wore an Arsenal football jersey during the third round of the 06 Abu Dhabi Golf Championship.

But is Ian trying too hard? Sometimes his outfits are so nutty you can’t help but think there is a method to his madness. And then boom! he comes out with his own clothing line.

Ah ha… Looks like Ian might be covering his bases in case his golf career isn’t quite as illustrious as he hopes.

Anthony Kim

There is a long running stereotype that Asians have a passion for Elvis impersonators. Some variation of that theme shows up in every other cheesy comedy, so it must be true. But if it isn’t true, and there are Asians out there who want to squash that rumor once and for all, someone better do something about Anthony Kim’s belt buckle.

Anthony Kim’s bling-bling belt buckle definitely has a style all its own. It says, I don’t have wear pink to stand out, I can just wear some slick modern golf togs and then slap on a WWE wrestling championship belt. Nicely done.

Oh, and if you like this sparkly pants-holder-upper you can get one like it here!

Phil Mickleson

Phil Mickleson? In a fashion piece?

Well since goofy old Phil actually won the Master’s yesterday, sporting all black like Johnny Cash, we thought we’d give him a head nod for most improved. While he isn’t as slick as some of his younger counterparts, Phil as of late has greatly improved his fashion. A lot of this happened naturally when he clearly lost some weight; losing some pounds tends to improve any wardrobe.  Phil has also starting wearing what appear to be slimming shirts with lines that try and fool the eye into perceiving his middle as a little less dumpy. Granted, these racing stripes do little to hide what appear to be 14 year-old girl boobies under that shirt, but still — lookin good Phil! Congrats!

Worst Fashion

Worst fashion on the greens? By far it is Ricky Barnes and his painter caps. Boy, those hats make him look like a doucher.

be Ricky secretly wants to be a train conductor

be since Ricky’s dad was a football player and Ricky himself has a neck that could be made out of, say, be six or seven Charles Howell necks, people are just too afraid to go up and tell him his hat is stupid.

But come on, his dad was a PUNTER not on the offensive front line.

And have you seen Tiger lately? Clearly he’s big enough to play fashion police. be Tiger’s just too busy with other things. I can’t imagine what, but who knows what he’s up to off the greens. I don’t hear much.

be Ricky’s secret dream was always to be a train conductor, and wearing the painter hats is the closest he’ll ever come to sporting one of those ultra-sexy conductor caps.

If suddenly Ricky shows up on the greens wearing blue and white striped overalls, I think we’ll have our answer.

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