Personalized Stories For Visitors And Humor Writers Wanted

Personalized Stories for Visitors and Humor Writers Wanted

I recently noticed several bloggers mention they were bored or unsatisfied with their blogs. be they felt stuck in a rut, be they weren’t getting the readers they wanted, be they just got sick of looking at it.  I found the repetition interesting; like the whole blogging community had been hit by an ennui bomb.

It particularly interested me, because I was suffering the same problem. I’m not every-day-happenings blogger, I don’t have a particular theme, I’m not political/relationship/fashion/food/mommy oriented, so I don’t really have a focus audience.  Blah blah blah.

So, I started a new project! And I’d really love it if some of my bloggy-friends and/or readers would help!

The new blog is at

Here’s the idea:

1. Visitors/readers submit story ideas, usually in the form of a complaint.

For example:

My boyfriend always uses the last of the toilet paper and NEVER replaces it!!!

2. The writers pen a witty story/response.

Once they submit the idea, the suggestion goes into The Box where the writers live. They write a humorous story/response to this person’s problem in the hopes of being fed a tuna fish sandwich and vodka. Your story is then posted on the site for all to enjoy.

Why this is fun for readers/visitors:

1. You get to complain about things and force trapped writers to turn your moaning into a fun and funny story.

2. You can send a link to this story to someone else, ANONYMOUSLY if you like.This person might be the victim (the person that pisses you off), or a friend who you know feels the same way so the two of you can titter like school girls over your inside joke. We know how you are.

3. Some stories are turned into tee shirts which would make fun, super-personalized gifts.If you want to ensure your story is created, or that it is private (not posted on the site) or SUPER personal (i.e. this is why my wife, Susan Smith is a dweeb) you can request that as well.

Imagine a baby shower, for example, where every girl got a t-shirt complaining about a particular baby annoyance. Or a bachelorette party where every girl had the story of something goofy they did on the back. You get the idea.

4. You can trap cute people.If you stand near a cute person in a bar, they’ll HAVE to start reading this fascinating tee shirt. Then you can turn and tell them what it is all about and gather enough information to stalk them.

Why writers should participate:

1. You can whine/solve your own problems (or ask to view the list of problems waiting for stories.)

2. Not everyone will be published– there is a little team of Yea or Nayers who decided if a bit is funny enough for the site, so it is a challenge too. Any old crap I write is published though, so don’t bother pointing out how your stuff was better than mine. I know.

2. You get your stuff posted somewhere other than your own blog. Not that you don’t already, but all links back to your blog are good in the eyes of Google. Writers are credited and links back to their blogs/emails provided at the top of each post.

3. If your story is turned into a tee shirt, you’ll get a cut anytime one is sold. Not totally sure what the margin is on this yet… probably like $4-5.

And probably all sorts of other things I haven’t thought of yet.

Any ideas/thoughts/suggestions/comments welcome!






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