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  • Ryan Gosling Nearly Lost Drive To Marcel Marceau

    Little Known Ryan Gosling Fact: While Ryan Goslingis to silent stares what Captain Kirk was to strategically torn Starfleet uniforms, people don’t realize how close the new Hollywood heartthrob came to losing the part of Driver (the quiet badass in the movie Drive). The part was originally written for famous French mime Marcel Marceau, who […]

  • Signs You May Be A Chocoholic…

    Last Valentine’s my husband brought me a vodka drink in the middle of my work day. Best Valentine’s Ever. This year he decided to decorate. Would this have anything to do with the fact that the other day I got out of bed and there was a Snickers-mini wrapper stuck to my back? Could it […]

  • Real Wendy Vs Hot “Wendy” Commercial Girl

    I’m not a fast food kinda girl. That isn’t to say I’m against junk food, because I will buzz through a pile of Kit Kats like a chainsaw on its period. But even I noticed when Wendy’scommercials appeared on all my favorite channels.  Other than drunken, 1AM conversations  where I  create the perfect fast food […]

  • Practical Joke For Thanksgiving – The Eggciting Surprise

    No one appreciates a practical joke like your parents. Last time my parents went on vacation, I took the bag of stuff she hid in the stove and replaced it with a pile of ashto teach my mother a lesson after she told me not to go over to her house and turn on the […]

  • Poor Little Jersey Girl

    About as big as my hair got while growing up Jersey…(left) Hi, my name is Amy and I am a Jersey Girl. Crowd of fellow Jersey People in unison: Hi, Amy. There I said it. I was born in Jersey. I hear that is the first step to recovery. Lately, admitting you’re from New Jersey […]

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