Old Ladies – Its All Relative

Old Ladies – Its All Relative

My friend sent me this our Freshman year in college. I thought it was funny enough that I kept it:

Now while the actual letter was hysterical, it never hit me until today that these women are NOT 50. These women are at least 65 if not older. So when we were in college, this was what a 50 year old woman looked like to us.

Which means if I’m 40, er, 39ish now – I just look like a Mom (at best) to teenage boys, even on those days when I’m all dressed up to go out to dinner and my boobs are properly pushed to the forefront  and I’m thinking I’m looking pretty sexy (relatively speaking).  This way of thinking is probably some sort of primal survival skill instilled in us at birth.

This also explains why college students, who used to look like big scary men to me when I was in high school, now look like they are about ten years old.

So when you’re feeling old, just remember – to people your age or older, you look young.   To young people, you have one foot in the grave.

And that is my inspirational thought for the day.






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