New Mad Men IPhone App Gets You Loaded With Style

New Mad Men iPhone App Gets You Loaded with Style

You’ve bought your skinny tie. You’ve donned your pussy bow. You know that, apparently, everyone in the early 1960′s spent their entire work day drinking, smoking, and honing their chauvinism, so it be impossible not to get loaded while watching Mad Men. But clearly, you cannot hunker down on a night to watch AMC’s top drama with a lime flavored beer or wine cooler.

To the rescue comes AMC’s new iPhone app Cocktail Culture the free version of which includes a cocktail guide for twenty-two classic drinks you can imbibe while pretending you’re Donald Draper from the comfort of your sofa. Perhaps you should start with an easy one, like the Tom Collins — lemon, gin, and sugar. Refreshing, tart, and an excellent summer drink. The limited ingredient list makes it a particularly good cocktail for the office. On the other hand, the Blue Hawaii, with Curacao, rum, cream of coconut, pineapple juice and cherry/pineapple garnish will probably be more difficult to slip into that 2pm client meeting.

The app also comes with a game to test your skills at remembering and creating the perfect digital cocktail, which you can then virtually drink. After you’ve mastered the free Vodka Gimlet, you can add ten more drinks to the game for $1.99 at Apple’s app store, or just keep the cocktail guide as a handy cheat sheet the next time you saddle up to a bar and want to go old school.

Sure to spawn imitators, be sure to save enough room on your iPhone for upcoming hits like House, M.D.s Vicodin Venture and Breaking Bad‘s Meth Madness.

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