Kate Moss Dior Addict Campaign Rejects

First, I’d like to apologize for accidentally posting (and consequently emailing all my subscribers) the post that is really just my gibberish of ideas…AGAIN.  I think that is about the third time I’ve done that.

I spent half the day yesterday with a s’more stuck in my hair, so you can imagine I’m not always the most self-aware person on the planet and, as my mother would say, a bit of a dizz-bang.

To make it up to you, I give you this…

Dior is going for a new truth in advertising slant, using Cocaine Kate Moss for their new lipstick line Addict.

This is either brilliantly ironic or doomed to bring up a lot of unwanted Google search results of Kate looking like something the cat dragged in after an all night party with one of her various loser rocker ex-boyfriends, like this charmer on the right…

Here’s the real Dior ad…

What you don’t know, is a LOT of other people tried to get this coveted ad spot.






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