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  • Gun Powder Falls Tubing – Travel

    Last weekend the nieces, brother and sister-in-law, husband and I went tubing at Gun Powder Falls in quaint little Monkton, Maryland. I type that sentence very stiffly today, because I ache in places I didn’t even know I had. Turns out flopping like a fish out of water, in and out of a tube for […]

  • Jackie Warner Kicks My Ass – Exercise Tape Review

    She looks like God was making a man and at the last second decided to slap on a little pair of titties and presumably swap out the naughty bits. Jackie Warner, exercise guru to the stars, is a crazy bitch. Don’t get me wrong – I mean that in the nicest possible way. Her video […]

  • Lets Be Twiends, You Wascally Wabbit – Twiends.Com Review

    Can you find Twitter Love using social tools like Twiends? Sure. Just like you can find love with a foreign hooker. She’s there, she wants you, you put some money and effort into her, and then she’s gone. In between, you couldn’t understand a word she said and now you feel like you need a […]

  • Mike Makes Senator Craig Look Like A Amatuer

    So my husband recently changed his cell phone ring tone to Love me Sexy – the goofy song that made Will Ferrell’s character Jackie Moon famous in Semi-Pro. The words, if you don’t immediately recall them are: Baby who wants to love me sexy uh? Baby are you ready to lick me sexy uh uh? […]

  • My Life As A Religious Miracle Marketer

    First published on The Big Jewel A simple slice of toast launched my career as a professional Miracle Marketer. I was peering, bemused, at what appeared to be the toasted visage of my Uncle Frank on a piece of rye, when my wife popped her head over my shoulder and said, I see it. Like […]