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  • Jackie Warner Kicks My Ass – Exercise Tape Review

    She looks like God was making a man and at the last second decided to slap on a little pair of titties and presumably swap out the naughty bits. Jackie Warner, exercise guru to the stars, is a crazy bitch. Don’t get me wrong – I mean that in the nicest possible way. Her video […]

  • Lets Be Twiends, You Wascally Wabbit – Twiends.Com Review

    Can you find Twitter Love using social tools like Twiends? Sure. Just like you can find love with a foreign hooker. She’s there, she wants you, you put some money and effort into her, and then she’s gone. In between, you couldn’t understand a word she said and now you feel like you need a […]

  • Mike Makes Senator Craig Look Like A Amatuer

    So my husband recently changed his cell phone ring tone to Love me Sexy – the goofy song that made Will Ferrell’s character Jackie Moon famous in Semi-Pro. The words, if you don’t immediately recall them are: Baby who wants to love me sexy uh? Baby are you ready to lick me sexy uh uh? […]

  • My Life As A Religious Miracle Marketer

    First published on The Big Jewel A simple slice of toast launched my career as a professional Miracle Marketer. I was peering, bemused, at what appeared to be the toasted visage of my Uncle Frank on a piece of rye, when my wife popped her head over my shoulder and said, I see it. Like […]

  • New Mad Men IPhone App Gets You Loaded With Style

    You’ve bought your skinny tie. You’ve donned your pussy bow. You know that, apparently, everyone in the early 1960′s spent their entire work day drinking, smoking, and honing their chauvinism, so it be impossible not to get loaded while watching Mad Men. But clearly, you cannot hunker down on a night to watch AMC’s top […]