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  • I Give Up, Brio Tuscan Grille – Review

    In Annapolis, Maryland’s new Towne Centre development (Really? Town with an e AND Center as Centre? WOW — that place must be REALLY posh!)  they’ve opened up a Brio Tuscan Grillerestaurant, a chain based out of Columbus, Ohio that claims eating within its walls is like an Escape to Tuscany. I’d have to agree, because […]

  • Kitchen MacGyver – Onion Pasta Sauce

    I hate food shopping. I despise food shopping. I would rather pluck every hair off my left arm one by one than go food shopping. Consequently, I’ve become pretty creative in the kitchen while trying to invent substitutes for the things I really wish I had.  (The other option is to challenge my husband to […]

  • Redneck Milk Punch

    I’ve invented this thing I’m calling Redneck Milk Punch. I call it that because I use some pretty common ingredients of which the fancier Southern ladies would not approve, and because every time I use the word redneck someone has a hissy fit in my comments,which is fun for me, because I’m relatedto rednecks who […]

  • Things To Do With An Ostrich Egg

    Ok, I’ll admit it. I went to Whole Foods the other day. Yes, yes, I know… I wrote a whole scathing blog about how Whole Foods is full of self important assesbut, damn it, it is right across the street from a really interesting wine store and it was just easier to roll into there […]

  • Top 7 Cool Fish Bowls And Tanks

    Evil little egg-eating betta male First off, it is a travesty that I can’t find 10 cool fish bowls and instead had to do the top seven.  Fish bowls are such a fantastic medium – Why aren’t more people making commercially available cool fish bowls? If you know of ones I missed, please comment and […]