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  • Old Ladies – Its All Relative

    My friend sent me this our Freshman year in college. I thought it was funny enough that I kept it: Now while the actual letter was hysterical, it never hit me until today that these women are NOT 50. These women are at least 65 if not older. So when we were in college, this […]

  • The Art Of Comfort

    First published in Skirt! a very cool little magazine based out of Charleston, SC and available online as well. Sometimes you need a retreat. A source of comfort. Personally, I find comfort watching kittens wrestle in the grass with bugs, photographing wild horses running through fields with their manes dyed the color of the rainbow, […]

  • Personalized Stories For Visitors And Humor Writers Wanted

    I recently noticed several bloggers mention they were bored or unsatisfied with their blogs. be they felt stuck in a rut, be they weren’t getting the readers they wanted, be they just got sick of looking at it.  I found the repetition interesting; like the whole blogging community had been hit by an ennui bomb. […]

  • The Day I Felt-Up My Mother

    No… this is not some sicko porn site. I just couldn’t resist the title. Following is the story of one of the funniest things that has ever happened to me…though I’m not sure if my mother feels the same way. About five years ago my mother and I took a bus tour trip to Italy. […]

  • Poor Little Jersey Girl

    About as big as my hair got while growing up Jersey…(left) Hi, my name is Amy and I am a Jersey Girl. Crowd of fellow Jersey People in unison: Hi, Amy. There I said it. I was born in Jersey. I hear that is the first step to recovery. Lately, admitting you’re from New Jersey […]