Category: Kids

  • Threat Letters To Santa

    I noticed my niece was looking a little down. Seems she didn’t get everything she wanted from Santa last year. So, feeling for the the greedy little gremlin, I agreed to help her out and create a very special letter to Santa. As a bonus, she took her letter to show and tell and is […]

  • Tequila And Jager… And A Lysol Chaser, Please

    Just so you know that my husband’s goofiness is clearly hereditary and therefore not his fault… Mike’s brother, Gary, was recently at a bar with his wife and he was feeling pretty good.  Undeterred by his already progressing state of intoxication, he decided to order one of his favorite drinks – the Bull Fighter – […]

  • Walk With Me…

    I don’t usually write posts that are classic Personal hey look what I did today though I can’t imagine why you would give a crap Blogstyle- but I’m making a exception to document  in my digital diary the walk that Mike, Gordon and I traverse just about every day. This way, when I’m old, I can […]

  • The Anti-Mommy: Child Climbs On Things Like A Monkey

    First off, it is bad enough when a child is sitting still and quiet, staring beady little eyes full of recrimination through your soul because you refused to play a 16th game of CandyLand. The idea that they are actually freely moving about the house is like some sort of horror movie where every time […]

  • When Your Dog Is A Pussy Cat

    Knocking on my front door unleashes Gordon’s inner-Hell Hound. My Labradoodle’s bark sounds like 200 pounds of pure muscle and gnashing teeth. Pitbull schmittbull. Beware the mean-ass Doodle. Alas, in reality, he is a 60lb Muppet. We joke that if a robber ever came into the house, Gordon would proceed to show him around the house, […]