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  • The Night Stole A Scooter

    So here’s a fun story from’s Stupidity Vault. My husband and I were visiting our friends Kevin and Katie down in Florida in . was fascinated by Kevin’s Vespa-like scooter, but, being on vacation and therefore perpetually in some phase of intoxication, he was forbidden to take it out for a spin by himself.  He […]

  • Why Fresh Market Kicks Whole Foods Granola Munching-Prada Wearing Elitist Ass

    Don’t get me wrong, I hate food shopping. But having gone to our new Fresh Marketthis week, I have to admit it made me a little giddy and the whole experience wasn’t nearly as odious as usual. Annapolis, Maryland has a ton of options for food shopping. I can go to Trader Joe’s, Giant, Safeway, […]

  • A Little Humor At Dixies Expense

    Civil War General Sherman who burned his way through Georgia and captured Atlanta. A friend of a friend was on his way south for Spring Break.  Flying down I-95, he soon heard the sound of police sirens behind him. He pulls over and a big Georgia cop soon strolls up to his window. Son, you […]

  • Best. Hiccup. Cure. Ever.

    So during the course of my long and illustrious life I’ve had the hiccups quite a few times, most often at the end of a long night of cocktailing during a giggle fit more than likely brought on by something I wouldn’t have found HALF as funny a few hours earlier. For cures I’ve heard […]

  • Kate Moss Dior Addict Campaign Rejects

    First, I’d like to apologize for accidentally posting (and consequently emailing all my subscribers) the post that is really just my gibberish of ideas…AGAIN.  I think that is about the third time I’ve done that. I spent half the day yesterday with a s’more stuck in my hair, so you can imagine I’m not always […]