Best. Hiccup. Cure. Ever.

Best. Hiccup. Cure. Ever.

So during the course of my long and illustrious life I’ve had the hiccups quite a few times, most often at the end of a long night of cocktailing during a giggle fit more than likely brought on by something I wouldn’t have found HALF as funny a few hours earlier. For cures I’ve heard them all, from drinking water upside down, to holding your breath, to a teaspoon of sugar.

This week, however, I found theperfect hiccup cure. This time I was cocktailing with a nurse (ok boys, get your mind out of the gutter – she wasn’t wearing a white uniform with garter strap nylons…) when I got the hiccups. Totally offhandedly, my friend Katie the Nurse says,Hold your breath and swallow three times.

Whatever, I thought, as that cure sounded suspiciously like the stuff I do EVERY time I get hiccups – all of which rarely works. But without any other recourse, I held my breath and swallowed three times.

Boom. No more hiccups. Instantly cured.

The next day I got hiccups again. Tried it; worked. Later that day my husband Mike got the hiccups – he tried it – instantly worked. The day after that Mike got the hiccups again, tried it, instantly cured.

So there you have it – Best Hiccup Cure Ever:Hold your breath and swallow three times.

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