Awesome Poetry

Awesome Poetry

My friend’s daughter fell off a horse the other day, so I wrote her this poem:

The Girl Who Bounced

There once was a girl who bounced,
Off the horse, to ground, she flounced!
But she didn’t stay there
She flew up in the air
And back on the horse she pounced!

Well, I guess it is more of a limerick without anything that rhymes with uck.

This friend reminded me that we used to write brilliant poetry when we were young. Like her surprise-ending Spring sensation:

Spring Spring

Spring, spring,
What a wonderful thing!
Birds sing!
Bells ring!
People bring
Ling Ling
The Panda

Nobody saw that coming.

I penned the Blues classic:

There’s a Stone in my Shoe

There’s a stone in my shoe
I don’t know what I’ll do
There’s a stone in my shoe
I think I’ll name it after you
Because it does nothing but bring me pain….
and it seems you’re doing just the same…
There’s a stone in my shoe
I think I’ll name it after you

And together, we birthed the rap sensation:

TOMATOES! (They’re the way to be)

They’re the way to be
If you don’t like Tomatoes don’t talk to me!
I go by the name of  Master S-U-E
And I rap better than AMY

Now listen up brothers, mums and kin
If you think Sue’s better than it’s a SIN
And tomatoes? WHAT? They’re so gay
MEATLOAF RULES on this fine day 
And in case you didn’t know my names AV
I tell you I’m shreddin – Can’t you see?

Whatcha sayin meatloaf?
You are a big  joke
Tomatoes are the real thing
Better than a Ring Ding

Brrrha-ha-ha-ha TOMATOES! 

If you like tomatoes better then it’s your loss
How about meatloaf with tomato sauce?

Yeah Bud! That’s the answer!
I never could sing but I am a dancer!

Rappin’s where’s it’s at, wouldn’t you say?
We’re gonna Brrha-ha-ha our lives away!

I think the Fat Boys BrahahahaHuman Beat Box additions are what catapulted it straight to the top of the charts.

How ONE of us isn’t poet laureate by now, I do not know.






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