A Little Humor At Dixies Expense

A little humor at Dixies expense

Civil War General Sherman who burned his way through Georgia and captured Atlanta.

A friend of a friend was on his way south for Spring Break.  Flying down I-95, he soon heard the sound of police sirens behind him. He pulls over and a big Georgia cop soon strolls up to his window.

Son, you know why I pulled you over?

Probably the New Jersey license plates, thinks the kid.


Speeding, says the cop. And I thought your hair was green.

After some confusion they realize the reflection of the surf board in the back seat makes it look like the driver’s blond hair is green.

I don’t know if  green hair is a ticket offense, says the kid.

The old-school Southern cop is visibly annoyed and leans menacingly  into the car.

Well, Son, he says. let me tell you this. No onegoes through Georgia that fast.

The kid looks at the cop.

Sherman did, he says.

The kid was a little late getting to Spring Break after that.






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